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EMERGE ~ 7 Women, 7 Stools – They’re Coming to YOU!

Make sure to come see “EMERGE ~ 7 Women, 7 Stools” at The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred on April 6, 2013 at 7:00pm!

These 7 women share their stories through a housewife, an abused woman, a grandmother, a cancer survivor, a hustler, a college student and a mistress. This production piece reflects women of all walks of life.

Join us and hear their stories shared for all.

For ticket information, check out their website: 7 WOMEN, 7 STOOLS

Shalom School Gala

Our neighborly Shalom School held their annual gala recently with a live auction and a silent auction that included art pieces created by the Shalom students, plentiful getaway trips and various merchandise. One experience included a personal tour with Edie Lambert, our local television journalist who attended this wonderful event. All proceeds benefit Shalom School and their students.

Compliments to Jackson Catering & Events and Steve Buzzard of  Buzzardball as emcee and dj.

Welcome back Shalom School to The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred!

Women Empowerment

It was a pleasure to welcome Emerge: 7 Women, 7 Stools, an entertaining and educational production about 7 different women with personal obstacles that they at first struggle with but soon overcome. Their stories include a Housewife, a Grandmother, a Cancer Survivor, a College Student, a Mistress, a Hustler and an Abused Woman.

Each character and story is based on inspired true stories of women.  The production offered good singing, dancing and acting. The crowd was captivated by its talent and colorful set.

Compliments to Cambridge Sound, Michael’s Heavenly Berries & Sweets and Women’s Empowerment Organization.

Welcome again Emerge: 7 Women, 7 Stools.

Flying Monkey Productions Presents: “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs”

An entertaining, colorful and endearing performance – Flying Monkey Productions presented “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.”  A tribute to the classic fairytale, they improvised some of their own original dialogue that made it witty and enjoyable. The youth did a wonderful job that reflected strong but adorable and talented energy.

The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred was happy to have and be part of Flying Monkey Productions.

Global Nations Pageant Presents….

Global Nations Pageant welcomed their Nationals 2013 winners and participants at The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred!

Another celebration of winners off to honor their duties! This group of young ladies and women were very energized and excited in this year’s pageant.

Congratulations both winners and participants!

And welcome again Global Nations Pageant! — Compliments to Blue Eyed Soul Photography & Teena Marie Engleman Roezalez.